Podium Film Makers

Louise Schofield and Caroline Hailstone at the Creative Collisions event for Podium.me

Louise said, ‘At Creative Collisions it was really great to get stuck into and be involved with  a topic that young people feel so strongly about and to be able to openly express what should and needs to change. It was great experience in both journalism and presenting and really opened up a whole new experience for me and I learnt loads of new techniques to go forward in my career with. The team were also ace to work with and it was a fantastic event to be a part of.’ Louise Schofield

Caroline added, ‘Creative Collisions is the biggest Charity event the UK has ever seen, and our job was to collect interviews throughout the day for a follow-up film. It was my first time on camera, but I got used to it by the end with the support of a strong all-female team! Some of the interviews were truly enlightening and a real insight into issues like social mobility and feminism for young people.’ Caroline Hailstone

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