Giulia, joining the team

This summer I finished my degree in Media & Communications at Goldsmiths University after having studied half of the three years remotely due to the pandemic. The last few months have been very difficult. I had the pressures of finishing my degree while working part-time and doing other projects on the side, plus the fact that I had just started going to therapy to process traumatic experiences of being a survivor of statutory rape.


It was a lot to go through and as I am not from the UK, living here while not being able to see my friends and family in Germany, made me feel lonely and lost. I felt insecure about myself and where I wanted to go in life. Additionally, I realised that although I specialised in animation at university and illustrated the logo for the News Decoder podcast, creating visuals was just not something I enjoyed as much as writing stories, organising projects or conducting interviews to learn more about other people. 


So, I took a bit of time to self-reflect and to come back to where I am now – at a happier place, still in London, but with energy and hope for life.


I’m now feeling more confident and accepting of myself which is why I put my doubts aside, got in touch with Camilla from and decided: I want to learn more about audio. I enjoy podcasts because you can hear so many different voices and stories from people all over the world. Everyone – no matter where they are from or how old they are – has something interesting to say. Also, by listening to someone else’s experience, I learn so much and feel less alone while living in this uncertain world.


As the founder and editor in chief of eko magazine – a creative platform for migrants, volunteers and activists published in three languages – I have experience working as a producer and providing a space where people can speak for themselves. I am passionate about mixing the art of political journalism with creative essays and testimonies, and I love it when people are able to be vulnerable expressing their inner thoughts, feelings and ideas. 

Two podcasts that I listen to regularly are the Today in Focus podcast by the Guardian which teaches me new things every day and the Just Break Up podcast hosted by Sam Blackwell and Sierra Demulder who, although they’re not licensed health professionals, give such important and compassionate advice.


I’m excited to work with to learn new skills in audio and podcast production. I’m hoping to encourage more people to record themselves and to speak up. By doing that, I think we should (try to) forget the fear of what other people will think of us or if they will listen to our story. Instead, what matters is that we listen to ourselves; and the fact that we have the courage to put our story out there, which in itself makes our voice more than worthy of being heard.