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We headed to The Unique Runway Fashion Show to speak to the future in fashion and performing arts.

Should we be scared? Should we blame anyone?

If politicians had the same outlook as these 10 young people from different races, religions and backgrounds, then terrorism could be a thing of the past. Listen to what they have to say:

Oh the friendzone. You hang out all the time, you talk to them for hours on the phone and then they crush your dreams by saying what a good ‘friend’ you are.

What can you do to avoid being put in this relationship purgatory? George went out to find out people’s experiences and what we can do to avoid it…

This is what people from all over the world, living inside the UK say about their experience. Do they feel at home here?

“I’ve never had a place I can call home and whenever I’ve got close, I’m moved.”

Why do more people not intervene in public discrimination? Are we scared, not care or just not think it’s out business?

“It’s like you’re embarrassed to get involved?!”

Cymbal claims to do the one thing great music does: connect people. It’s also a platform for sharing your favourite music with your mates, where you can like, comment and discover. Oliver Morris sampled the app to find out how connected he felt sharing and discussing music with fellow tastemakers. He also spoke to some of […]

Is the future of the NHS really at risk?

We asked students and doctors in their first years of training why they’re fearing for both their careers and the future of the health service in Britain.

“It’s glammed up a lot. You’re made to feel like a piece of dirt on the floor.”

Most of us grow up in the same country and may live in the same setting but still can feel like we’re ‘other.’ Not feeling like we belong is very common among teenagers, but a seventeen year old girl from Congo shares her story.

Her personal account expresses just how unsettling it can be to grow up apart from your family, in different places.

“I wish one day I could come home from college to my family.”

Could Facebook adding a ‘dislike’ button turn the site into a festival of bullying and confidence crushing or is it the chance for us to finally say how we feel?

“We’re human, we like to be liked!”

Emile and Adele take us on their journey up the highest free standing mountain in the world.

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