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Let’s admit it, when should you just shut up?

“It only becomes a problem when you try and force your opinions on other people.”

Is swearing getting more common? Is it ok to swear in public?

“It’s naturally part of my vocabulary being Scouse”

Hear what it’s like coming through anorexia:

“I was so wrapped up in my my eating disorder that I thought everyone was against me.”

For World Suicide Prevention Day, an expert speaks out about the realities of suicide.

“It’s not mad, it’s actually desperate and angry and unhappy.”

Listen to these sailing fanatics and look out for them in 2020!

“We weren’t keen on each other to start with…”

This month Scottish people will vote on whether to stay or leave the UK. Hear what these two teenagers have to say about the debate and what it means for Scotland’s future.

“It’s not about political parties, it’t not about Alex Salmond; it’s about self-determination.”

Carris Rose asked Leeds festival goers about the best and worst bits of this year’s event.

“Everyone’s in the same position so everyone’s going to look terrible.”

Our journalist Shameem Matin got all the gossip from this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

“Music, crazy colours and a huge crowd of people”

What are your favourite slang words, the ones you can’t stand and the ones you just don’t get..?

“It’s like when you say “What you sayin?’” have I even said anything?!”

Our journalist Louise Scofield interviewed Falling With Style, one of the local acts playing at the festival.

“We managed to get a mosh pit!”

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