Abiola, a 22 year old entrepreneur hopes for Afrokanist to be the mainstream magazine for Africans around the world.

"I want you to realise that you are much more than what you have been told you are."

Journalist and Producer: Emilee Senchyna

Tom Clayton in Warwick, with fellow students working out how to 'vote the way they want to.'

"I know it's important, but I don't really know much about it, like why it's important..."

Journalist and Producer: Tom Clayton

Journalist Tori Longdon explores the world of choral conducting.

"I'm just supposed to know it all."

Journalist: Tori Longdon

Producer: Aidan Judd

Huddersfield singer Holly Czolacz talks about her unexpected journey into the world of classical music.

"At the end of the day, you are sort of your own business really."

Journalist and Producer: Emilee Senchyna

Alice, 20 tells the stories of young women who have been trafficked in the Philippines, and young men recovering from drug addiction in Hong Kong.

"I'm not equipped to be here, you know I'm not trained to be with these kind of people."

Journalist and Producer: Emilee Senchyna

Journalist Ellie Clifford uncovers the the truth about mental illness.

"It's very difficult to first recognize it, and then go about seeking help."

Journalist and Presenter: Ellie Clifford

Producer: Emilee Senchyna

Olivia, Martin, Kimi, and Amelia use the internet for gaming, talking about the news, and vlogging. Oliver Morris investigates the powers that are watching what they do and whether there is any privacy online?

"People feel like they have an entitlement to personal information about you, particularly if you have a popular online presence."

Journalist: Oliver Morris

Producer: Emilee Senchyna

Journalist George Ofori Addo chats to University of West London volunteers about their addiction to volunteering.

"Once you get into it, you can't stop' You can't be that busy, come on, give something back' It's like an addiction."

Journalist and Producer: George Ofori Addo

When do women wax and why?

"You’d be lying if you said you didn’t notice."

Journalists: Sera Baker and Kate Bullivant

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Journalist, Ellie Clifford uncovers the attraction behind illegal drugs, and if they are becoming more culturally accepted in modern society.

"It adds a new dimension to social occasions."

Journalist and Presenter: Ellie Clifford

Producer: Emilee Senchyna

Two graduates talk about their very different experiences of what life’s like now they’re employed in ‘the real world’.

“There was one colour that we weren’t allowed to wear… but nobody knew what that colour was.”

Journalists: Kate Bullinger and Beth Young

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

19 year old Molly Gustavson tells us about her commitment to God, and her year long internship with London based charity, The Besom.

“It’s really cool how God gives you money when you most need it.”

Journalist and Producer: Emilee Senchyna

2015 was an undeniably good year for RnB and HipHop talent and Podium.me music journalist Frankie Wells has put together a playlist of her favourites. Listen to her lowdown here and check out the playlist on Spotify.

“It’s always really refreshing when people use hiphop to talk about really truthful things.”

Journalist: Frankie Wells

Producer: Imogen Eason

Josh Wolrich talks about his decision to share his diet with the internet and talk online about his biggest insecurity – gynaecomastia (enlargement of a man’s breasts)

“The goal isn’t to be able to look in the mirror and think ‘yeah, you are one handsome devil.”

Journalist: Beth Young

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Kitty, 19, is a professional stripper and the East London Stripper Collective’s youngest recruit. The Collective is a union that fights for better workplace conditions for its members, and to break the stigma that surrounds the profession.

“A lot of people, if I say I’m a stripper they’re like, ‘Oh no, let’s just say that you’re a dancer…’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m a stripper…I like that word, I don’t think it should be a dirty word’.“

Journalist and Producer: Beth Young

Listen to an insight into what it’s like dating older men and what made Sonia go online to look for them.

“All I need is company and a good time with someone interesting”

Journalist: Beth Young

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Last year, more young Italians moved to the UK than ever before. Our journalist Sandro Schiena interviewed a group of recent immigrants about why they made the trip to the UK and whether it lives up to their expectations.

“I think people work harder in the UK… They want to achieve more than we do.”

Journalist: Sandro Schiena

Producer: Aidan Judd

Amy Machaj talks about the emotions that went along with the flooding in her home town over Christmas and finds out and how students dealt with the damage to their university (got drunk)

“Basically I got more time to procrastinate”

Journalist: Amy Machaj

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Long hours, unpredictable days, no appreciation. People say it’s the hardest job in the world, but what’s it really like coming straight out of uni and going back into the classroom? This is what it’s like to be a teacher…

“It is like you’re an actor”

Journalist: Ashley Partridge

Producer: Aidan Judd

People that went to single sex schools talk about their experiences and whether they’re still talking to their parents for sending them there.

“Girls came to our sixth form and I remember that first break time… it was like a zoo. Guys were throwing chairs around, they were so excited.”

Journalists: Hannah Morris, Kate Bullivant, Lily Houston, Mustakim Hasnath

Presenter: Frankie Wells

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Why don’t we love our boobs? We talk about how society has made us feel about them and why they make so many of us feel so self-conscious.

“I didn’t ask ‘do you like my top?’ or ‘do my tits look big in this?’ You’ve just let me know, so thanks.”

Journalists: Journalists: Hannah Morris, Hardeep Kaur

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Is the future of the NHS really at risk? We asked students and doctors in their first years of training why they’re fearing for both their careers and the future of the health service in Britain.

“It’s glammed up a lot. You’re made to feel like a piece of dirt on the floor.”

Presenter: Izzie Clarke

Journalists: Kate Bullivant, Cheeka Eyers, Hardeep Kaur, Sarah Gough

Stop and listen to the voices from those standing up against bombing Syria.

“Come and live with real people David”

Journalist and Producer: George Ofori Addo

This is what people from all over the world, living inside the UK say about their experience. Do they feel at home here?

“I’ve never had a place I can call home and whenever I’ve got close, I’m moved.”

"I feel lost"

Journalists: Nandini Uppluri, Sonia Sarha, Fabiana Cacace, Savan Gandecha

Producer: Aidan Judd

Should we be scared? Should we blame anyone? If politicians had the same outlook as these 10 young people from different races, religions and backgrounds, then terrorism could be a thing of the past.

"I think the whole situation has been completely blown up by the media."

Journalists: Adrian Anderson, Joty Chopra, Hannah Morris, Emilee Senchyna, Jake Loader

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Should we feel guilty about illegal music downloading? We asked for your download confessions, whether it should or can be stopped and talk about the Taylor Swift and Apple conspiracy…

"It's something I do, something I don't really think I'm proud of, or not proud of... It's just my way of reaching out to get some good tunes to my computer."

Presenter: Franki Wells

Journalists: Jamie Sommerville, Hardeep Kaur, Lewis Downes, Sonia Sarha, Adrian Anderson, Savan Gandecha, Cheeka Eyers and Michaela Grant

An insight into how it feels to be a woman walking alone at night, and how universal an experience it can be. This project asked seven women from around the world how they feel and what they do when walking alone at night.

"I think I try to not appear to be scared, I just try to behave normal."

Journalist and Producer: Katie Callin

Oh the friendzone. You hang out all the time, you talk to them for hours on the phone and then they crush your dreams by saying what a good ‘friend’ you are. What can you do to avoid being put in this relationship purgatory? George went out to find out people’s experiences and what we can do to avoid it…

"I really like you, you're a good friend but I just don't see you that way."

Journalist: George Ofori-Addo

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

A year ago, Naomi Barrow found out that her mum had terminal cancer. Our journalist Beth talked to her about what the last year’s been like.

“I’ve been told it could be anything between 4 weeks and 4 years.”

Journalist: Beth Young

We spoke to 6 people that want to put a stop to mental health being so misunderstood. They share their stories about what it was like being diagnosed to where they are now.

“I just needed to take my anger out on something, so I decided to take it out on myself.”

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

Most of us grow up in the same country and may live in the same setting but still can feel like we’re ‘other.’ Not feeling like we belong is very common among teenagers, but a seventeen year old girl from Congo shares her story. Her personal account expresses just how unsettling it can be to grow up apart from your family, in different places.

“I wish one day I could come home from college to my family.”

Journalist: Nandini Uppluri

Young people in Germany say how they feel about their government’s response to the migrant crisis and the reception of the rest of the EU.

“People are scared, when it gets dark you can’t actually go out any longer.”

Journalist: Selen Bozkurt

Smokers talk about the appeal of the cigarette, whether anyone is to blame for our habit and when should we start worrying?

“Nothing really worries me about it. I think in moderation it’s ok.”

Journalists: Beth Young, Elaine Russell, Amy Au, Sonia Sarha

Presenter: Danielle Manning

We find out what it's like being in a relationship with a big age gap and find out where the problems are?

“When love comes into it, logic goes out the window.”

Presenter: Joty Chopra

Journalists: Lily Houston, Hardeep Kaur, Adrian Anderson, Sonia Sarha

After a month of fasting, praying and giving, 18 year old Kabir Hussain talks about life during the Islamic holy month.

“There’s some questions that really get to me, when a person who’s not fasting says ‘are you hungry’..?!”

Journalist: Kabir Hussain

Hear what happens when people follow their passion. This singer, designer, and events planner were all part of Unique Runway. Look out for this talented group this could be just the beginning of great careers.

"i just remember making a conscious decision, that's what i wanted to do with the rest of my life."

Presenter: Chloe English

Producer: Aidan Judd

Young people talk about what life is like on the streets and why people judge them.

“There are a lot of people that look at you like you’re scum.”

Journalists: Ashley Partridge, Bryony Allen, Dannielle Manning and Fabiana Cacace

Stephen Matthews interviewed a 17 year old refugee from Syria about what it’s like living in the UK

“The roads from our house to the borders were slowly getting worse and worse”

Journalist: Stephan Matthews

Is assisted suicide is a human right or do you think it’s murder and should remain illegal in the UK?

“Every human being has a body and they ought to choose what they do with it.”

Journalists: Kabir Hussain, Nandini Uppluri, Annaleigh Benn, Sonia Sarha, Elaine Russell

Beth interviewed 16 year old Chelsea about what life is like growing up in a big family, what her friends think of her faith and what would happen if she fell for a guy that wasn’t a Mormon.

“I think being married young would be awesome.”

Journalist: Beth Young

Our journalist Savan spoke to his YouTube hero TomSka about how he (potentially) got someone sacked on The One Show, what advice he’s give to people posting videos and the future of YouTube.

"I'm pretty sure somebody got fired for that..."

Journalist: Savan Gandecha

Sarah Gough is leading a movement to change the lives of gingers all over the world. Along with her comrades Alex, George, Rosie and Prince Harry (allegedly) these people are casting a light on what it’s like to be ginger in today’s society and how they’re going to change things forever.

“Haters gonna hate. Gingers gonna mutate.”

Presenter: Sarah Gough

Journalist: Beth Young

Producer: Cheeka Eyers

We asked you, all over the UK, whether you think wolf-whistling a form of sexual harassment or whether we all need to lighten up and be flattered by it.

“It’s the tip of an iceberg about why men think they can talk to women like that.”

Journalists: Danielle Manning, Cherry Bhimagunta, Kabir Hussain, Sonia Sarha and Hannah Morris

Oliver Morris reports from the refugee crisis march in Parliament Square.

“They finally opened their eyes again and saw it wasn’t just bodies travelling but it was people dying.”

Journalists: Oliver Morris, Fabiana Cacace

Telling your friends and family that you’re gay is always going to be a big deal. Sam and James tell their stories of coming out, what reactions they had and what advice they would give.

“I used to try and convince myself that I liked girls.”

Presenter: Hannah Kilcoyne

The page 3 debate:

“I think it’s kind of desensitising people to naked women.”

Journalists: Hannah Kilcoyne, Rebecca Juster, Sonia Sarha and Joseph Krame