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Are we still overly polite as a nation, unwilling to show emotions?

“People will walk into each other and say sorry even if it’s the other person’s fault.”

A report from the students’ protest in London campaigning against education cuts.

“Who’s listening to us? No one.”

Sit back and listen to all of this week’s podcasts in one:

1) Islamic State: what they mean to us

2) Is chivalry dead?

3) I’m an alcoholic

4) The holocaust and me

5) Coming out: Jake’s Story

Jamie’s story about coping with alcoholism:

“This, I’ve come to believe is a disease that will be with me for the rest of my life.”

Young people all over the UK talk about Islamic State, what the future looks like for the Middle East and the what it’s doing to Islam.

“We need to put some common sense into their brains which they obviously don’t have.”

Our journalist Johnny Seifert made this documentary about his visit to Auschwitz and what it meant to him

“When I think of chivalry, I think of knights in shining armour…I think it’s an outdated phrase.”

This week young people all over the UK talk about:
1. Long term relationships

2. Coming Out – Jake’s story

3) My school on telly

Who dedicates their time to volunteering and why do they do it?

“You don’t volunteer for the sake of volunteering, you do it because you love it and that gives you a lot of joy.”

Jake talks through his story of coming out:

“I thought I’d never be able to have kids by making this decision.”

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