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Smokers talk about the appeal of the cigarette, whether anyone is to blame for our habit and when should we start worrying?

“Nothing really worries me about it. I think in moderation it’s ok.”

Would making drugs legal end the war on them?

We talk about what we’ve taken and in reality, why we did it.

“The more you’ve done, the higher up the social ladder you climb.”

Stephen Matthews interviewed a 17 year old refugee from Syria about what it’s like living in the UK

“The roads from our house to the borders were slowly getting worse and worse”

At the end of May, 600 people took to the streets in support of the Human Rights Act. Emily Finch spoke to the young people about why they’re marching.

“Keep interviewing young people because we don’t get much of of a chance other than the internet to really talk.”

Is assisted suicide is a human right or do you think it’s murder and should remain illegal in the UK?

“Every human being has a body and they ought to choose what they do with it.”

Emily asked Migle what it’s like being a female graduate engineer in an industry dominated by middle aged men.

We asked you, all over the UK, whether you think wolf-whistling a form of sexual harassment or whether we all need to lighten up and be flattered by it.

“It’s the tip of an iceberg about why men think they can talk to women like that.”

What does the future of the NHS look like to us? Do we care about it and is it worth trying to save?

Emily Finch talks to young people that have decided to join the Liberal Democrats.

Learning to drive is one of the most scary and difficult things we have to do in and around our twenties. Here are some of the best stories:

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