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Two graduates talk about their very different experiences of what life’s like now they’re employed in ‘the real world’.

“There was one colour that we weren’t allowed to wear… but nobody knew what that colour was.”

19 year old Molly Gustavson tells us about her commitment to God, and her year long internship with London base charity The Besom.

“It’s really cool how God gives you money when you most need it.”

2015 was an undeniably good year for RnB and HipHop talent and Podium.me music journalist Frankie Wells has put together a playlist of her favourites. Listen to her lowdown here and check out the playlist on Spotify.

“It’s always really refreshing when people use hiphop to talk about really truthful things.”

Do you ever stop and think about the people around you when you hop on the tube in the morning. If you are like me, you judge an outfit or weird accent, and go ahead with your day. In the month I have been working for Podium.me I have gained a new perspective. Every single person has […]

Jack Elsom talks about why he’s a young Conservative supporter, what it’s like being an under 20 pro-Tory and why he thinks more of us will be voting blue in the next election.

“We do have to accept and be tolerant of people that don’t match the preconceived wisdom of what we judge to be normal and mainstream.”

I’m Emilee, I’m Canadian, and I’m 20.  I use a lot of social media. For me it’s Facebook, then Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, that’s my routine. For the last few weeks I have been exploring social media, in a way that’s more than just checking out the latest pictures the Kardashians have posted on Instagram. On a Podium […]

Josh talks about his decision to share his diet with the internet and talk online about his biggest insecurity: gynaecomastia.

“The goal isn’t to be able to look in the mirror and think ‘yeah, you are one handsome devil.”

Listen to an insight into what it’s like dating older men and what made Sonia go online to look for them.

“All I need is company and a good time with someone interesting”

“A lot of people, if I say I’m a stripper they’re like, ‘Oh no, let’s just say that you’re a dancer…’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m a stripper…I like that word, I don’t think it should be a dirty word’.”

George Addo joined medical students at the Royal London Hospital on their protest and heard what they would like to say to Jeremy Hunt.

“We are not trained in spin, we are trained in helping patients.”

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