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Kabir looks at the foods we can’t resist and why some foods have such strong memories attached to them.

We find out what it’s like being in a relationship with a big age gap and find out where the problems are?

“When love comes into it, logic goes out the window.”

We are a generation of binge drinkers getting smashed on a regular basis. But why? Frankie Wells looks into our relationship with alcohol and the pressures we’re put under and finds out what it’s like giving it up.

Has the internet changed our lives for the better? Adrian looks into whether it’s made us an antisocial generation.

“It would be the end of my life if you turned off the wifi.”

A year ago, Naomi Barrow found out that her mum had terminal cancer. Our journalist Beth talked to her about what the last year’s been like.

“I’ve been told it could be anything between 4 weeks and 4 years.”

Should we feel guilty about illegal music downloading?

We asked for your download confessions, whether it should or can be stopped and talk about the Taylor Swift and Apple conspiracy…

Cherry asked a group of students what they think about female representation in the media.

“The girls have to look girly, it’s not acceptable.”

Beth interviewed 16 year old Chelsea about what life is like growing up in a big family, what her friends think of her faith and what would happen if she fell for a guy that wasn’t a Mormon.

“I think being married young would be awesome.”

Frankie Wells spoke to Aina More about having a true, honest voice in Hip Hop, her upcoming album ‘For People With Short Attention Spans’, Rihanna and winning the music competition The Big Music Project hosted at the Indigo O2.

“I don’t know which point is actually the beginning, but I’ve always had a love for music and an open ear.”

Sian Williams explores how our use of technology might be affecting our mental and physical health and why now more than ever, people are seeking refuge from it. She journeys to the “quietest room on Earth”, attempting to answer the question what is silence and can it ever be experienced?

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