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How engaged are young people in politics? Our journalists found out the reality…

This week we brought you:

1) Internet asbos?

2) Coming out: James’s story

3) Being an international student in the UK

What can be done about internet bullies and how big is the problem really?

“You do it because there’s a screen there and it’s actually quite cowardly.”

We found out what brings people from around the world to study in the UK and what it’s really like living here.

“I’ve been to schools where more than 50% of the students are international students and they just talk to each other in their own language.”

James came out when he was 13 and told Jess Patterson about his experience.

“Don’t send me out, that gay guy’s out there.”

This week we brought you:

- Happiness: the reality

- Revision : secrets to success

- Gender equality

With everyone putting how they feel on social media, we asked you – how do we really feel?

“Don’t put it on Facebook because nobody needs to know what you’re thinking.”

Carris Rose set out to find out if gender inequality really is an issue in everyday life?

People from all over the UK share their tips on how to ace your exams.

“Take on your heavy stuff in the morning and your light work in the afternoon.”

The page 3 debate:

“I think it’s kind of desensitising people to naked women.”

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