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This week we found out what you think about the new Barbie, got honest about our shopping habits and looked at the future of war.

Barbie has had a shake up and been given realistic proportions but will this change young people’s body confidence?

“I don’t know many people who could say that the reason that they hate their body is because Barbie had a perfect body.”

We asked people all around the UK how much their belongings mean to them and who’s more materialistic, men or women?

“Clothes are something you need, an Xbox360 I could live without”

  Catherine Hunter talks about the future of war and whether we can ever hope to live in a peaceful world. “There’s no one resolution to the conflict in the Middle East.”

This week our team of journalists grilled people on their most embarrassing moments, found out what people think about gay marriage and we hear about what living with self harm is like.

You put your pride to the side and told us about your most embarrassing moments…

“I just curled into my blanket and thought ‘this day could not get any worse.”

This week we brought you:

1) Insecurities

2) Podium presents…Anjelo Dissens

3) “All nerds, geeks and unsociable.”

Nandini Uppluri spoke to the brilliant 15 year old Anjelo Disons (on a bus!) in London about busking, GCSEs and his EP due to be released this year.

“I wan’t to be known as Anjelo – the guy that does his own thing.”

Matt McGladdery looks into the stereotyping and bullying that often goes alongside gaming and why attitudes need to change.

“No matter what game you like playing you should be allowed to be enthusiastic about it and not worry about what people think.”

We get honest about what our insecurities are and why we don’t talk about them.

“Being scared of not looking the best, being the funniest.

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