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You told us why you’re not listening to radio:

“All the mainstream stuff is crap”

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the third biggest international sporting tournament, just behind the FIFA Football World Cup and the IOC Olympics. But is it actually a popular sport in our country?

Youth Media Agency have launched the #XXVote campaign which aims to encourage more young women to vote in May. The team will reach out to 3.5million 18-25 year olds through a four-week campaign led by young filmmakers, producers and artists to get more people voting.

“If young people’s opinions were held with as much importance as other people’s we would have a much more just parliament.”

We asked whether people are getting excited about the royal baby (and then got carried away with guessing names…)

“I didn’t even know she was pregnant?”

Joty Chopra and Sigyn Blondal looked into the difference between arranged and forced marriages and where they appear in today’s society.

“It’s the issue of your family, it’s the issue of your status, it’s the issue of what your family feel is best for you.”

Put your feet up and listen to what young people are talking about this week:

1) Will we vote?

2) The naked photo revolution:

3) Graffiti: art or crime?

We look at the impact of the naked photo revolution:

“It’s not just looking at guys and saying ‘you’re bad for shaming this girl’, everyone does it.”

Podium.me reporters asked the questions that matter to future and first time voters.

“Is there any point in us voting if it’s going to be the same kind of person each time?”

  Annaleigh Benn set out to find out what people in her local area think of grafitti.

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