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Get comfy and have a listen to everything we’ve covered this week:
1) Mercury Music Prize

2) Life in Cape Town

3) Politicians, expenses and the government

4) Are women better leaders?

Let the leadership debate commence:

“Women are good at picking up all the pieces when they’re broken but men are good at putting them together.”

Our journalist Issy Moore went to Cape Town and recorded a series of interviews with teenage girls. She spoke to girls at a charity called Rock Girls in Manenburg who talked about their experiences of the infamous gang culture in their area and their fears of being a woman in their society.

She then did a contrast interview with a group of girls from a private school in Cape Town to show the differences between their lives despite only living 20 mins apart.

“They put the gun in their schoolbag and then they shoot.”

Is the Mercury Music Prize worth anything? Let the debate begin…

“All music is a matter of opinion therefore cannot be defined by a competition.”

Sit back and listen to all of this week’s podcasts:

1) U2: our review

2) Skin colour

3) Nottingham Comic Con

4) Stereotypes

5) Young people in the news

U2 were generous enough to give their album away for free but the truth is, do we really want it?

“Everyone was like why have I got U2 on my iPhone? I hate U2! “

Young people discuss how the under 25s are portrayed in the news.

“It’s not young people’s fault they’re born and there’s an ipad…”

Our Journalist Ash Partridge went to Nottingham Comic Con and mingled with the comic geeks to find out what all the fuss is about.

“A sense of justice, heroism, basically manliness.”

Are we comfortable in our own skin?

“Sometimes it’s hard to be you, sometimes you’d like to be someone else.”

“Stereotypes exist because some people are brought up on older people’s values”

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