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Is learning an instrument still for people from privileged backgrounds?

“Mainly mostly rich people because they can afford to buy the instrument.”

We asked young people all over the UK whether they’d call themselves a feminist:

“There’s a lot of women that will sit back and watch other women fight for them.”

All this week’s podcasts in one juicy listen:

Let’s admit it, when should you just shut up?

“It only becomes a problem when you try and force your opinions on other people.”

“When people meet them they’re kind of stiff, like they don’t know what to do in the situation”

Facebook sharing our data and recording conversations – where do we draw the line?

“It’s not sociably acceptable but people are doing it.”

“They do give us freedom and independence but they don’t let us go off the rails.”

All of this week’s podcasts in one juicy listen:

Last night the future of Scotland was decided as 55% of the electorate voted NO to independence.

Our journalists Catherine Hunter and Abdul Hussain were rooting for opposite sides of the campaign, listen to them talk about what they think the future of Scotland looks like.

Today will go down in history; the day that the Scottish people decide if they want to leave the UK. Listen to young people talk about what today’s been like for them in Scotland.

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