Meet the actor ‘Just Joella’

Ajjaz Awad: Just Joella


What took you into acting?

I always really loved history and visiting castles, pretending I was from another time and imagining myself in a different world. So I think that is what first excited me about acting.

Did you do any training?

Yes, from 14-18yrs I studied theatre at the BRIT School. After that I did a foundation year at RADA and then completed my BA in acting at ALRA.

What advice would you give to young would-be actors?

Be determined and imaginative about how you can get involved with the industry (Write to people ask at theatres etc). Always remember what it is you love about acting. 

What did you learn most from recording audio?

How much you can do using just your voice.

How did it differ from your previous acting experiences like film, theatre an TV?

Unlike TV Film and Theatre, radio allows you to be faceless and without preconceptions. Enabling you to paint the audience’s picture of you with your voice.

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