Meet the actor ‘Compassion Fatigue’

Amy-Jean Ward: Compassion Fatigue


What took you into acting?

In a nutshell I’m not really sure as none of my family do or have ever acted but from a very small age I was involved drama groups and school productions and I absolutely loved it! I used to save up my pocket money each week and buy a musical CD whenever I could afford one and listen to it on repeat in my bedroom until I knew all the words off by heart

Did you do any training?

Yes I did, I did a Foundation Course at Arts Ed and then went on to do an MA The Royal Centre School of Speech & Drama. 

What advice would you give to young would-be actors?

Get involved in anything and everything you can and try to create your own work, it’s a super competitive world now with so many people wanting a career in the arts that it’s important to stay focused and creative. Also reminding yourself now and again what you love about the industry and why you wanted to be part of it in the first place so super helpful. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break!!! Life is hard enough without beating yourself up all the time, a person once said something to me that I found really helpful and hopefully you will to, ‘What’s meant for us will not pass us by.’ Stay in your lane, everyone’s is different. 

What did you learn most from recording audio? 

That I speak too fast!! Haha no seriously I learnt that the voice is an incredible instrument and you can say phrases in so many different ways, sometimes very subtly but it can be very powerful in the story telling process. Also that a lot can be achieved in a cupboard haha! 

How did it differ from your previous acting experiences like film, theatre an TV?

I had to listen to myself a lot more and play the scene out in my head. 

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