Who are we?


Podium.me is a team of young journalists using their smartphones to record the stories and opinions of the under 25s from around the world. You can pitch your podcast ideas, whether it’s news, sport, music or simply a friend with something to say and we make short, honest podcasts, and blogs you can’t afford to miss. All our podcasts are currently in English.


Radio Academy Bronze award for Innovation
Radio Production award for best online podcast producer
Nominated for best Grassroots production 2015
Nominated for Audio Production Award 2016
We offer internships that can be from 1 week to 4 months, and can form part of your school or university requirement for placements wherever you are based.  
Former interns include:
Catherine Brinkworth
James Deacon
Shanique Joseph
Sonia Sarha
Emilee Senchyna
Beth Young
Rianna Mitchell
Steve Ahlman
Cherry Bhimagunta
Danielle Manning
Gabriela Jones
Benjamin Hibbert-Hingsten
Jake Loader
Mikey Wilson
Shae Carroll


BBC Academy

Resonance Radio

Radio Today


University of Sussex

Radio Stuff

The Telegraph

Sound Women

Youth Link Scotland


“Topics which are new to me allowed me to learn new things and form opinions. It’s nice to hear more of young people’s voices and allows us to meet new people. Podium caters for under 25s and it’s different to regular organisations.”

‘The opportunity to accost random people on the street and ask them their opinions on all sorts, and to be part of a change in the media.”

“It’s a great way to open your horizons and find something new in audio broadcasting.”

“I appreciate the freedom which enables me to come up with my own ideas and do my own research on them. Podium offers independence and then guidance in feedback. It is a brilliant way of bringing different views and opinions together from a vast range of people from different backgrounds it enables you to be creative.”