How we got onto Talk Radio via Podium

Aidan and I will always be grateful to for the countless opportunities it has given us in the time we have worked with them. We feel that it has been vital for our development as broadcasters and radio producers, and it has enabled us to develop and hone our skills, broaden our contacts, and experience a whole new world of possibilities in audio. From coming up with our own podcast ideas, to editing the work of others, our time with Podium has been both fun and challenging in equal measure. Camilla’s passion for both young people and great audio is truly refreshing, and it is impressive to view first-hand the respect that both she and Podium garner with professionals from across the industry.


Perhaps what we are most indebted to Podium for is the opportunity to regularly appear on national radio with the Jon Holmes’ Show, at Talk Radio thanks to Podium’s ties with assistant producer Cornelius Mendez. Through this work experience, we’ve met many different presenters and producers from the station, and once again managed to gain so much insight into the industry we wouldn’t otherwise have.


Whenever we speak to other young people interested in getting into radio, is the first place we tell them to turn to. It is Podium which has developed our love for educational podcasting, which you can see in our most recent work. Having teamed up with a pair of PhD students from King’s College London, we have created a 15-episode podcast series that explores themes of Global Health and Social Medicine. You can check it out here:

Aidan Judd and Ellie Clifford
Aidan Judd and Ellie Clifford

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